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Institutional Subscriptions

For institutions wishing to purchase a group subscription to WHO Classification of Tumours Online, IARC is able to offer a bulk discount for a specific number of users. (An IP-address-authenticated site licence is not available.)

Under the bulk discount model, IARC collects one payment from the institution and generates a 100% discount code that can be shared by the institution’s administrator with the specific users who require access to the subscription. The institutional administrator is responsible for compiling the list of users and communicating the discount code to them. Users can then sign up and create their own logins. Note that each user is bound by the terms of the access policy posted in this E-Bookshop.

Once individuals use the discount code to gain access to the website, their accounts are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Bulk discounts are as follows, on a base cost of 100 EUR per user. Access is for one year, with subscriptions renewable annually. Invoices must be paid by bank transfer in EUR or USD.

  • Up to 10 individual users: no discount
  • 11-30 individual users: 10% discount
  • 31 or more individual users: 20% discount

To proceed with an institutional bulk discount, please contact the IARC Publications Unit, specifying the following:

  • Invoice contact name
  • Invoice postal address
  • Invoice email address
  • Total number of individual users
  • Any note or reference number to include in the invoice
  • Preferred currency for invoicing (EUR or USD)
  • Preferred method of payment (wire transfer or credit card)


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